12 AWESOME BEDS You Won't Believe Exist

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If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your bedroom, why not swap your old regular bed for a giant bird’s nest or a bed that plays music on command?

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they are the most amazing beds ! strange and super cool.

12. Rocking Bed

Believe it or not, rocking beds are not just for babies! According to a study published in the journal Current Biology, adults who slept in a rocking bed experienced a boost in sleep-related brainwaves and were also able to fall asleep faster than those who slept in regular beds. This is explained by the facts that the motion of a rocking bed helps the brain focus on a single stimulus which has a sleep-inducing effect. Rocking beds are also said to provoke pleasant childhood memories of being rocked to sleep by your mother, which triggers feelings of safety and comfort.

Inspired by this research, several bed manufacturers began offering rocking beds for adults. The bad news is that these beds come with a hefty price tag: the cheapest adult rocking bed is available for $3,000.

11. Bird’s Nest Bed

What could be cozier that curling up in a giant nest filled with fluffy eggs? According to the manufacturer of the giant bird’s nest bed, this piece of furniture was originally conceived a prototype for a new kind of socializing space – the one that would combine the functionality of furniture with the fun of a playground.

This unique-looking bed has a wooden frame filled with comfy egg-shaped poufs which allow for ergonomic sitting and lying positions. The wooden frame is created from many pieces of wooden panels weaved together in the shape of a nest, while the inside is lined with foam-padded wooden back wall covered with cotton fabric. The nest comes in different sizes, from a small and intimate nest for one person to enormous nests that can accommodate up to 16 people at once. The cool thing about it is that you can choose the color of the egg poufs and design a nest that will complement your bedroom perfectly.

10. Fetal Position Bed

Babies spend the largest portion of the nine-month gestation period in fetal position, so it only makes sense that this position is one of the most comfortable and familiar ones to any human. It’s also a popular sleeping position: nearly half of adults report sleeping in the fetal position during the night. Sleeping in this position is said to be a way for people to comfort themselves after a long and busy day, sine fetal position is a type of defense mechanism.

If you too are a big fan of sleeping in the fetal position, you might want to try out a bed designed specifically for that. The fetal position bed was created by British designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox, known for his kooky inventions such as a gadget that consists of a portable air that can be corkscrewed into the ground and fitted with an air pipe for people wish to literally stick their head in the ground and a machine that throws water at yowling cats. Compared to these inventions, the fetal position bed seems like a relatively normal idea, though if you’re a restless sleeper or live in an area with a lot of earthquake activity, you might want to think twice about giving it a try.

9. Millenium Falcon Bed

The Star Wars franchise has one of the most loyal and dedicated fandoms out there. These fans often go to great lengths to show their appreciation for the George Lucas' cult space opera. Not only are they ready to camp out in front of theaters weeks in advance each time a new Star Wars film comes out, they also often transform their homes into real-life Star Wars museums, filled with action figures, games, books, props, costumes, and other collectables.

So if you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, you’ll absolutely love this Millennium Falcon bed from Pottery Barn that boasts the iconic cockpit shape, together with all the and gauges of the famous fictional starship. The bed is hand-painted and built from durable hardwood, which also means it doesn’t come cheap: the Pottery Barn Millennium Falcon will set you back a whopping $4,000!

8. Rollercoaster Bed

Whether you have a taste for artistic furniture or you simply love to throw sleepover parties, this is the bed for you. Created by the Cuban artist collective Los Carpinteros, this fun piece of furniture is shaped like a giant rollercoaster with pink cushions that follow the gentle curves of the bed’s frame.

According to Los Carpinteros, their work often has a social or political critique element to it, and in the case of the rollercoaster bed, the artists thought this unusual sleeping area would be a good conversation starter for people, since it provokes a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant emotions, much like a real ,

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