10 Beds You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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10 Beds You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Which one of these amazing and strange bed designs do you want to sleep on?

The History of the Hamburger Bed

Hello everyone. The Hamburger Bed has a new home. Over the coming weeks new pages will be coming to hamburgerbed.com. Hamburger Harry welcomes your feedback, and we hope you like the changes.

The first new addition of a FAQ page is up with old questions & answers as well as some new ones relating to the current owner.

The Origin Story

You know that ol' dinner party question:

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kayla Kromer's answer was always—hamburgers, mm mm mmm.

Now Kayla wouldn't say that she obsessed...

though she did celebrate a hamburger road trip '03 ( Kayla ate hamburgers in 8 central US states) and had a buffet club code name of Patty Melt...she has a general devotion to food and movies... especially sweets.

For awhile she had been making sweet treats and then she saw an amazing video Hamburger: The Motion Picture (must own soon!) in which the dorm room beds WERE hamburgers. She had to make a transition from making treats and she couldn't shake the idea of a Hamburger Bed!

Kayla bought a round mattress from the 70's and made everything else herself...

(with the exception of pickle chip pillows which she received from a wonderful friend).

The bed is 8' in diameter (Kayla always loves saying her bed had a diameter) and stands about 3' tall. In Kayla's opinion it was the most comfortable bed she had ever owned... ever!

How Kayla Kromer Lost the bed

While Kayla loved the Hamburger Bed a time came for it to be sold on eBay as a fund raiser in July of 2009.

The bed had a new owner and was off to Chicago, Illinois to be with Paul Schniedermeier.

It had a new home and was loved. The bed continued to make plenty of appearances on FaceBook where it still has quite a following to this day.

But the bed was destined for ebay. It was even featured on The Jay Leno Show in a segment called “eBay: Sold or Not Sold.” on January 8th, 2010. While it took a few tries to find the right buyer eventually the hamburger bed found it way to Hamburger Harry the owner of The Burger Shop which is part of Cruising Daytona and the world famous Hamburger Museum.

Finally Home at the Hamburger Museum

The hamburger bed will feel right at home in the Hamburger Museum, and it won't be alone. The museum is home to the world famous Hamburger Harley and another Hamburger Bed. This Cheeseburger Bed is actually a water bed older than Kayla's “Hamburger Bed” that Hamburger Harry created in 1995.

But, as Hamburger Harry will testify Hamburgers love company. And now the museum has a not quite matching set of beds to go with the uncountable hoards of hamburgers the museum showcases. The good news is ... Now the beds can keep each other company.

Beer Hotel: Bed In Germany Made From Old Beer Barrel

A German vacation is bound to elicit dreams of frothy, heavy beers. Perhaps this was the logic behind Landhotel Hof Beverland’s peculiar and kind of awesome beer barrel beds (but probably not, as the hotel also features a Star Wars-themed room and another room filled with strategically-placed soccer balls).

The beer beds come in both full and twin sizes, and are made out of actual vintage beer barrels that were built during the 19th century and used until 1995.

We have to admit, they look awfully cozy. The rooms cost $139 per night, and are decorated with other beer paraphernalia, such as barley wall decals and, of course, a bar.

10 Beds You Won't Believe Actually Exist


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